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已结束civil aviation southwest administrative bureau yesterday issued &quot
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2010-09-01 02:32 source: Beijing daily ,nike shox

reportedly,プラダ, China aviation is specialized in domestic regional airline passenger and cargo transport business of Sino foreign joint venture airline. Start at the end of 2006 9,プラダ 長財布, headquartered in Guizhou Province Guiyang City,piumino moncler, at present only 4 50 seat Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft.

civil aviation southwest administrative bureau yesterday issued "notice" on the suspension of China Aviation Limited company running the show,nike air jordan, on August 28th at one fifty-nine in the morning,tn requin pas cher, the China Airlines aircraft CRJ200/B-3001 in the implementation of G52744 (Shijiazhuang to Guiyang) flight task,hogan scarpe, the serious unsafe events wing tip wipe in Guiyang Airport Landing process. In addition,nike shox r4, the civil aviation bureau requests the China aviation to immediately stop the subsequent flights sales,moncler sito ufficiale, proper arrangements has ticket passengers to sign and refund work,louis vuitton belts, make good after service.

daily safety accident occurs because of its aircraft in August 28th in Guiyang Airport,doudoune moncler pas cher, Civil Aviation Administration of China aviation was yesterday ordered to stop operation. This is the first safety problem caused by the shutdown of Yichun Airlines plane crash.

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