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已结束Tianjin female comedian funded hundreds of poor children are known as caring mother - Society
2014-7-17 19:34:49 BY fvmklopswq
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these years she has won the national "three eight" red banner pacesetter, Tianjin city DeYiShuangXin artists as well as "charity star", "loving mother" and so on. The most let her unforgettable, is 2010 May she in Tianjin city second "Ten Outstanding mother" won the award of "

      comedian actresses in not much, famous crosstalk art troupe of Tianjin city actor Liu Chunhui is one which can be counted on one's fingers. Bring people laughter,oakley sunglasses factory outlet, known as the female comedian at the same time, the present single women there are many title -- "mother love", "good side", "good mother", these are the years she quietly funded more than 100 poor children has gained the honorary title.

in March 5th this year, Liu Chunhui and 12 year old girl Wang Yan family difficulties in helping a child, junior high school to university graduate tuition assistance for Wang Yan. A more than 100 poor children Wang Yan just Liu Chunhui 10 years funded in. Because the family circumstances are bitter, from childhood by the help of others,custom nfl jerseys, Liu Chunhui always with a thankful heart, swear conditions, also to help needy people around.

Liu Chunhui grew up loving literature and art. The second grade junior high school, she was admitted to Tianjin Hebei District Culture Museum theatre, was first performed, then play the skit. In 1983 she graduated from high school, to Tianjin guishunzhai cake factory as a worker. In 1993, the temperamental Liu Chunhui active off, leaving the factory to fend for themselves. Since then, Liu Chunhui when the announcer,jordan iv, did the masses actor, selling roast chiken, selling mutton string in garment city. Although the life out of it, but Liu Chunhui always did not give up the dream. In 1998, has more than 30 years old she started performing arts and. At that time, Liu Chunhui said the dialogue, while selling mutton string, people are affectionately called her "said ventriloquist Chuan Xishi lamb". Learn while training,air jordan 4, while training school, in the teacher and partner's help, she developed dozens of suitable actress performances jokes. Hard work pays off, and now, a year more than 500 performances, making Liu Chunhui by a comic "layman" become the Jinmen performances,hollister france, the most popular female comedian.

2000, the Tianjin Municipal Women's Federation introduction,louboutin soldes, Liu Chunhui first sponsored 21 poor children. Later, she had to support 8 to 10 poor families children each year. In 2009 the "five one" period, Chinese poverty alleviation fund people love to Sichuan earthquake sympathy, Tianjin city,air jordan online, only three places, Liu Chunhui sent him,jordan 5 retro, at his own expense with the request. She quit during the festival performances, came to visit some schools of city of Bazhong province Pingchang County,tn pas cher, Sichuan and the orphan home, send cash and school supplies for children. In April 14,air jordan shop, 2010,scarpe jordan online, Qinghai Yushu after the earthquake,louboutin pas cher, Liu Chunhui is also very concerned about, but also through the neighborhood donated 1000 yuan. "Although not much money, perhaps this money, can help children overcome difficulties."

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