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Nature`s Natural Deodorant
All of us use deodorants and antiperspirants without giving it a second thought. I don`t have any substitutions (except if you want to make a totally different deodorant that doesn`t contains oils, such as those with witch hazel or magnesium oil) BUT castile soap is a life-saver for removing oil stains. A control group that did not use deodorant regularly was asked to use it for a month. I think it`s like any deodorant though, if you roll it up to far it will fall out.
Id advise diabetics to find a substitute for corn/arrowroot starch and use tea tree essential oil as its an antifungal. This worked wonderfully in the beginning, then the baking soda became too much and actually made my underarms raw and inflamed. Smells great, never need to reapply in a day, and this recipe fills 2 old deodorant containers. It`s a vegetable wax that is supposed to make a great substitute for beeswax in natural recipes. I`ve just made it, melting the 2T coconut oil; and adding about 3 drops castor oil like I read somewhere, if not here. If you don`t want to make your own deodorant, you can buy magnesium based homemade deodorant with coconut oil here I love that there is a product on the market that is non-toxic and contains magnesium. He quit all deodorant and now just uses pure aloe vera gel and it works wonders for him, but we both can`t wait to try this. Others have luck with a crystal deodorant that you can find at health food stores.
It`s really so simple to make your own deodorants, and although you`ll have a small outlay at the beginning on the ingredients, you`ll have enough coconut oil and shea butter to make several months` worth of deodorant (they also make good moisturisers), and the dry ingredients are cheap.
I had a rash and it hurt, so that is why I made this new recipe with less baking soda in it. For me, it is just the right amount; It helps with odor, doesn`t hurt at all and my underarms are not red. If it`s still soft, try re-melting the deodorant and adding an extra tsp of beeswax.
I`m not sure if it is exactly what you use, because it was the almond oil out of my baking supply, I used about 10 drops and it smells amazing. I use a similar recipe (baking soda, coconut oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter) and it works great - it won`t stop you from sweating, but it will stop you from smelling!
I had determined that dissolving the baking soda helped me to avoid the sensitivity issues with baking soda deodorants, but I hated applying a liquid solution of baking soda, so I made a deodorant stick recipe using a combination of making soda and water combined with oils.
More corn starch means more wetness control; more baking soda means more odor control but can cause burning and rashes; and your butters may be harder or softer than mine, so adjust accordingly. For bad odour,dandruff, fleas, ticks & mites, I have a tried & tested recipe- mix equal amounts of neem oil & coconut oil (plain coconut oil will do, not the virgin one). Refined coconut oil has been heated and processed, thereby destroying many of the oil`s powerful healing properties. I don`t have trouble with soap made with coconut oil, but of course in soap, the fat has been largely saponified. I don`t have any coconut oil right now but I`ll be heading out for errands tomorrow & add it to the list.
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